Building Better Retirements.
We Build Better.
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We Build Better Retirements.

The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.
— Abe Lemons


What might be on your mind...

By now, you will have heard or been exposed to various experiences from the Financial Services Industry.  Like most things, there is the good, bad and ugly. 

Below are a few snippets of conversations that are often shared by those searching for something different.  Together we've helped many discover there are better answers - perhaps you will soon be among them.


"Come back when you meet our minimums"

  • Ouch.  You've worked hard for what you have and we feel if it's important to you, it's important to us. 
  • Our minimum investment account size is $25.

"we were even more confused than when we walked in"

  • Yes,, there are a lot of moving parts.  We have various systems to track, monitor, implement and secure the components.
  • We've become knowing for our diagrams and how we simplify the complex.  Often on one sheet.
  • Our motto: simple english vs. Acronym Posturing.

"There was pressure to buy day 1 - we just weren't ready"

  • Most firms have a rudimentary model married to demanding sales quotas resulting in a formula for blatant pressure.
  • While it is often true that the sooner you get started the better, comfort and readiness is paramount to the success of any plan.

"it's like they weren't even listening to us"

  • There seems to be chronic confusion of who's helping who.
  • For us, we are honored to help you write your story.  Emphasis, your story.

"we always seem to have a new person that is assigned to us"

  • With an aging workforce, very challenging entrance points and a vast amount of detail to manage, this is far too common and a massive issue for the industry. 
  • A solution that we bring forward is limited engagements to ensure we don't have capacity issues.  Also our culture eliminates the revolving door.

"it just seems like our investment isn't going anywhere"

  • Unfortunately the agenda of most fund companies does not always include the investor.
  • Most Canadians hold the same 10 stocks in their portfolio.  This is symptomatic of many issues.

Click to view one of our latest video's.  Summarizes a few things in 15 seconds.


Instant gratification takes too long.
— Carrie Fisher