Building Better Retirements.
We Build Better.


We Guide Entrepreneurs & Families on Retirement.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
— Milton Berle

Who. What. Why. 

We are geared to help folks:

  • who are thinking long and hard about retirement which means typically 45 years or better (some say older - we prefer "better").
  • with an active Corporation worth between $500K - $8M. 
  • who primarily reside in Alberta. 
  • gain direction for the first day right up to the 8000th day of retirement.
  • who value a holistic system, tested in real life, to simplify, enhance, and clarify key components of retirement including but not limited to insurance, investments, along with financial and estate planning.
  • obtain palpable synergy amongst their entire group of hired professionals who commonly operate isolated on private islands of expertise.
  • get things done.
  • properly reduce unnecessary tax burdens (the highest expense Canadians typically face).
  • generate sustainable peace of mind.

We assists folks who are keenly aware that their retirement is quickly approaching. 

They crave more certainty then they currently have with this upcoming transition to no paycheques and are eager to find someone to walk this out with.

Being on the pulse of modern technology we as a team work to keep together what you have put together.

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.
— Marie Curie

Bottomline: what's in it for you?

a Fresh Retirement approach

Many Entrepreneurs aren't even sure if they want to retire.  This real life conundrum is often solved by clarifying if/when work could be optional and then giving "permission" to avoid punching the clock for one last time.

Our content will help folks who want to retire yesterday right up to the one's that never want to stop.  We believe your feelings and priorities matter.

Modern day insurance

When designed properly, insurance, the drop of ink on a piece of paper, should be a cherished asset to impact the next generation.  At some point having insurance transitions from a required need (ie. coverage for mortgage etc.) to a want (i.e. leaving the kids/grandkids something, addressing estate tax).

In house, we've designed wonderful ways to utilize new and old insurance policies to meet your needs.  And wants. 

We broker insurance without the doubt.

proven investment solutions  

Today, investments options are broad and often convoluted. From Bitcoin to Madoff to Penny Stocks to Return of Capital to "that" Country or this banks trying to sell to hit their's a little bit like the Wild West.

Simplicity and clarity should not be confused with boring and ineffective. We believe your investment philosophy can and should compliment your last paycheque. Our's does.

entrepreneurs: our heros

You work hard to build your business and life.  Every success, earned.  Being an entrepreneur can make you feel like the odd man out as so few understand your DNA.  Blood, sweat and toil are daily events. 

Bantering about what other entrepreneurs have done and how to enhance profit is often part of our dialogue. 

Without entrepreneurs, we believe (and know) we are all in trouble.

Your BENEFICIARies First 

Ignorance is not bliss.  Too many loved ones get cut out first as the "default beneficiary" often involves large legal fees, then the Gov't, possibly creditors and then those important to you.  We think that's yucky and backwards.

Layering beneficiaries in an iron clad manner is one of our favorite exercises.  We believe your loved ones should be put first. 

cashflow blueprints 

Whether you are full out retiring or setting up to make work optional, the objective remains:

  • Maximize cashflow while minimizing taxation. 

For most, this is easier said than done.  For us it is our calling to explaore the science and art.  Orchestrating all sources of cashflow (i.e. CPP, OAS, RRSP, TFSA, Pension, Cash, part time work, sale of business, inheritance, selling home, lottery proceeds etc.) is paramount to not running out.  We believe, knowing pays.

This is meant to be an exciting transition. You should never distille retirement down to bare numbers and cookie-cutter answers.
— Ryan J. King (Founder)