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Case Studies

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
— William Arthur Ward

Some Real Life

Often it is easier to see how something can benefit you when there are examples of what it's done for others.  Like snowflakes, there are no exact duplicates of the families we serve, however there should be some similarities that you can relate to. 


Mr. & Mrs. "Jones"

  • couple in late early 60's with Active Corporation and multiple rental properties
  • investments accounts spread out amongst 4 different institutions (including various cities)
  • would like to retire within 2 years

Complete Retirement Solutions:

  • identified 3 possible cashflow streams upon retirement, incorporating gov't benefits (CPP/OAS), Pension, RRSP, TFSA, Corporation Assets, part time work 
  • facilitated consolidation of investment accounts to one institution
  • reviewed all insurance policies to determine relevancy
  • finalized estate objectives with primary and contingent beneficiaries on assets
  • redirected to a better suited accountant
  • obtained second opinion of current Wills, EPA, PDs to ensure documents complimented planning objectives
  • updated their health benefit program so it's was no longer just the Blue Cross default

 Mr. & Mrs "can't sit still"

  • 40 something couple with "countless" active corporations and family trust
  • operating in multiple provinces with staff of >30
  • various age children from first marriage
  • intent on taking "over the world" in their respective industry
  • has a growing monster to tame

Complete Retirement Solutions Inc.

  • secured the major "what if's" with various insurance to ensure as much normality as possible were a premature death to occur
  • reviewed the pros & cons of establishing a personal pension strategy (IPP/RCA) to gain allowable tax benefits for both today and tomorrow
  • captured the numerous moving parts by overlaying various internal checkpoints and systems
  • created freedom for these entrepreneurs to do more of what they do best - build their Empire's to the sky


Mrs. john doe - (deceased)

  • sudden widow of 58 years of age
  • never having worked outside the home
  • uncertain where to turn for direction as bank left her wanting
  • pressure to deal with paperwork and turn any possible asset into cashflow for longevity 

Complete Retirement Solutions:

  • assisted in various documentation associated with estate closure
  • provided guidance for interacting with bank, funeral home and accountant
  • directed the updating of her Will and other key documentation
  • facilitated the life insurance claims with 3 different insitutation
  • provided options for health benefits as an individual
  • simplified investable assets and reshuffled to establish regular monthly paycheque
  • aided in the dispersement of cash gifts to adult children as Father's legacy


Mr. & mrs. new parents

  • after 9 months your little pair of feet change many things
  • desire to ensure this little bundle is always taken care of with roof over her head
  • needing to know what other wise parents do at this stage 

Complete retirement solutions inc.

  • established insurance for both parents and the child to have premiums abolished in 20 years while coverage remains in tact for life
  • facilitated Gov't grants to aid in the saving of post secondary education
  • migrated pension from mother's employer as the working days will be over for a number of years 
  • prepared options to insure father's paycheque in the event of injury or illness as he is now the sole breadwinner
  • made arrangements to review the stewardship of home & auto policies to confirm reasonable market rates
  • identified the monthly savings requirements to allow for a possible retirement in years to come

What are you missing?
— Ryan J. King (Founder)