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Questions & Answers

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.
— Helen Keller

so can you help with my RRSp?

  • Yes.  And your TFSA, RRIF, IPP, RCA, cash account, RDSP and a few others
  • We can assist on both the personal and corporate level

Do you provide alternatives for bank mortgage Insurance?

  • Yes - great question - protect yourself not the bank
  • We have access to all but 1 of the Canadian Life Insurance Carriers

why can't you access the other insurance carrier?

  • It is only available for their captive agents/employees
  • We'd rather provide 30 some different options vs only 1

So you are an insurance broker?

  • We certainly are - this is one of many hats we wear
  • If you have a favorite Insurance Co. we can deal with them or show you all the rates as we help design what's best for you

I find insurance very confusing - how do you simplify it?

  • We hear this often - the good news is it doesn't have to be
  • You will see simple graphs rather than just pages of spreadsheets and numbers.  

So you can insure my house and/or business?

  •  We need a heart beat to provide our insurance
  • Being asked this for years, we've teamed up with the best in the business who will be able to insure your house, auto, business in ways you didn't know about

my _____ (fill in blank) just passed away - can you help?

  • First, sorry to hear.  We'd be pleased to assist in the process
  • If there is somethings we can't do we know great people who will work with us to reduce the impact of all these demands

I need a loan - what are your rates?

  • Whoa...stop there.  We don't do this.  
  • However we do have friends in high places and will be pleased to make your introduction.

where would we meet?

  • Typically our office but we understand sometimes that just isn't possible

I'd like my accountant to know what we are doing - that ok?

  • It's more than ok, this is our preference
  • There is great benefit to you when all your hired professionals on the same page 

Will you meet with them or do I have to convey the message?

  • We often go on fieldtrips and can meet together or without you
  • Beyond the meet and greet, we will make sure they are kept in the loop

do we always have to meet face to face?

  • Nope not always, however there are some stringent regulatory rules that we won't budge from (ie. original documents, witness signatures)
  • Our objective is completion with efficiency.  You have other things to do ;)

why charge fees, My current ________ does not?

  • Seems to remove all pressure of a sale and lets the plan design take root
  • We see planning neglected all the time. The foundation should not be subsided by possible revenue from a sale that may or may not be required

we feel at a loss of where to even begin, can you help?

  • This is the junction that we often meet folks at and yes we can
  • Rest assured, we truly believe there are no silly questions

what kind of investments can you do?

  • Segregated funds, mutual funds, individuals stocks, GICs, GIOs, ETFs
  • We are no fan of Exempt Market Securities.  Attend casino for more fun and success

Casinos are so fun...but what is exempt market?

  • A type of investment that has little to no regulatory oversight
  • Typically barrier to entry is low, risk is high, outcome leaves many wanting

are you aware of Etfs - thoughts?

  • Yes.  We believe and love them 
  • Like most things in this industry, 98.3% of them should be avoided as only a few stand out as exceptional

Which ETF is your favorite?

  • We have our list but only share when there is a clear engagement 
  • Think of this like can't start taking your friends meds because it helps them

ok then, favorite mutual fund?

  • Good try - see above response

How about a preferred insurance company?

  • Somedays we can't stand any of them...just being honest
  • They each have their strengths and weakness and that is why we aren't sure how you would operate without being a full access broker

Must i go to the bank to move our investments over?

  • If we are a fit and engage, we should be able to migrate your accounts over without either of us having to go to your bank
  • Of course there will be paperwork and we almost getting ahead of ourselves

how do you get paid?

  • Finders fee from insurance company and/or
  • Project fee and/or
  • Investment revenue and/or
  • Referrals from happy folks on the way to their better retirement

my spouse may/will offend as this a painful topic?

  • We understand and have scars ourselves from this Industry
  • Good news is we are not easily offended and the better news, is we aren't like most

A friend wants to connect about these services - ok?

  • Only requirement is that you like your friend and we assume you do
  • It's a constant honour to be connected with great folks 

i need to "sit" on some cash - do you have more than GIC?

  • We have many options, including most (if not all) GIC rates.
  • This is starting to get personal so we should start a conversation (see button below)


The Stock Markets temporarily go down and permanently go up.
— Mr. Nick Murray