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Overview & History

This financial industry is more than unique.  In fact, it might be one of the most dysfunctional industries on earth but still, we are in love with it.   

Having deep historical roots, its driven by powerful individuals, continually evolving, maturing and constantly changing.  Today, high turnover in the industry is paired to a workforce on the brink of their own retirement.  Further, the number of new people entering the financial industry is at an all time low.  It is understandable why faceless institutions have such a keen interest to utilize robots to capture the retirement, insurance, investment and banking market. 

While we continue to maximize technology for everyone's benefit, our approach is still old fashion in that face to face and a handshake is the way to go as we seek to tame what often feels like the Wild Wild West.

Our team members are industry veterans.  We don't always count the years as they seem to add up quickly.  However the truth is, our vast experiences has shown us where to adjust our business model as we confront the endless sea of changes and help folks build better retirements. Growth has come from amalgamating with various firms, along with keeping a watchful eye and open mind on how Top Advisory Firms operate in the U.K., United States, Australia and beyond. 

This ongoing development will continue to generate win/wins for the families we serve.

People don’t buy handbags, they buy belief.
— Karl Lagerfield


Ryan J. King

From entering the industry at a prestigious firm in the Capital City to opening his own practice in the early part of the 21 Century, Ryan has been instrumental in the lives of many families and businesses in Western Canada.   

The entrepreneurial seeds were sown and grown in junior high, when there was an opportunity to start sell rolling fire-pits, hand build locally.  The product was ready, there were no limits on how many could be sold and the wonder of being in business for himself, forever changed his outlook. 

With a desire to assist folks and bring unique value to the marketplace, he's built a practice that is focused on building, managing and delivering better retirements. Understanding many of the unique anomalies that entrepreneurs and families face, he continues to develop ways to help folks take care of business to allow them in turn, to focus on what they do best.

To the grateful sigh of many, he has no intention to retire himself as the work is so rewarding.  In the event that this ideology changes in the future, his Partners, team and associates will ensure that it's business as usual for Complete Retirement Solutions Inc. to continue delivering peace of mind for years to come.

Associations & Licenses 

• Independent Life Insurance Broker licensed in AB, ON & NWT

• Independent A&S Insurance Broker licensed in AB, ON & NWT

• Independent Investment Advisor, AB & ON IIROC licensed via Gravitas Securities Inc.

•Certified Health Insurance Specialist, CHS

•Certified Executive Advisor, CEA

Without entrepreneurs, we are all in trouble.
— Ryan J. King